Electrical conductors, automation, industry 4.0 & electrical engineering

Electrical conductors, automation, industry 4.0 & electrical engineering

Tailor-made and integral solutions, among them the design and manufacture of special electrical conductors, automation, industry 4.0 and control of industrial processes, electrical engineering and consulting

Professional, Highly Qualified staff with proven Experience

The company has a high qualified staff for the design and manufacture of electrical and automation systems, with our own technology and facilities. GECSA Workshops and offices, with a total cover surface of 2.400 m2, are located in the north of Spain, in Larrondo-Loiu, 7 km from Bilbao downtown, less than 1 km from its International airport and next to the train station.

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What we do


Specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of special conductors (mainly tailor-made) for high current needs. Gecsa is specialized in two types of materials: COPPER and ALUMINUM, being the welding of both materials the main strength of Gecsa. Special difficulty and shortage of welders prepared is the welding of copper.

Electrical engineering

“Turnkey” projects and customized solutions in medium voltage electrical systems, energy optimization, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering. Agreements with important brands in the sector allow us to provide the right solution at the lowest possible cost, which, together with a highly qualified staff, allows us to integrate the solution from the design stage to the support and subsequent technical service. From cradle to grave.

Automation & Industry 4.0

GECSA Automation & Industry 4.0 department develops the activity as Control System Engineering and Plant Optimization using the latest tools and technologies of the main suppliers of control and automation systems and equipment 4.0. All this allows us to develop and implement customized solutions in order to bring each customer to the Smart Factory and optimize processes.

Maintenance & Training

The highly trained GECSA technical team has the necessary experience to provide maintenance, repair and technical assistance to equipment supplied throughout the world.

Gecsa presence around the world

During over 30 years of existence, we have equipped hundreds of companies in different sectors. We have over 120 installations of busbars around the world. This figure makes our family business the leading company in Spain and a world reference in a big number of markets, among them steel industry, ferroalloy and electrochemical product producers.

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    Address: Larrondo Kalea, 12, 48180 Loiu, Vizcaya, Spain

    Telephone: +34 944 535 201 /+34 944 494 741

    Email: gecsa@gecsa.es


    Address: Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, México

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