Tailor-made busbars for high current, made of high conductivity copper and aluminum, providing custom products according to client requirements


With more than30 years of experience manufacturing copper and aluminum busbar systems, our experts have been closed to specialist customers obtaining high knowledge about high current transmission. We have the capabilities and experience to design and build copper and aluminum cooled busbar systems that fit most any application.   Our mechanical and electrical engineers can help you choose the right type of material and the best way to custom manufacture it to meet your most demanding applications. Gecsa offers complete design and engineering, manufacturing and tests, on-site erection and start-up of copper or aluminum bus-bar systems, water or air cooled; for very high alternative or direct currents, 100 kA and up.

The supply usually consists of:

  • Electrical design including calculating reactance and other parameters
  • Mechanical and structural 3D design
  • Conductors made of water-cooled ETP copper tube or air-cooled plates, insulated with insulating paint or PET protection
  • Stainless steel supports and insulating materials
  • Flexible cables to connect with furnace, electrolysers or any element which is moving.
  • Flexible transformer or rectifier connections
  • Handling structures
  • Pre-assembly and testing in GECSA facilities
  • Supervision and assembly on site


Secondary delta closure circuits for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnacefor steel industry.




Secondary delta closure circuits for submerged electric arc furnaces for ferroalloys industry.



DC busbars for electrochemical industry: chlorine, copper, zinc, aluminum and manganese.


DC/AC busbars for electric generations