Flexible connections

Flexible connections

All kind of special flexible connection pieces, copper or aluminum.



Gecsa manufactures flexible connections in copper and aluminum, where a flexible conductor is necessary when any of the elements to be joined is in motion or you want to avoid the transmission of vibrations to equipment of greater delicacy.

Thanks to the wide range of products with which Gecsa works, flexible conductive parts are obtained for a multitude of applications and for a wide variety of needs in terms of form, flexibility, material or working conditions.

The fields of application of our flexible connections can be in environments of high voltage or in conditions of high temperatures. Therefore, all flexible connections can be protected in various types of finish: heat shrink sleeves, fiberglass covers …

Gecsa manufactures all kinds of flexible connections; copper or aluminum; of band, cable or braid, tinned, silvered or without any coating. From 5 mm2 of net section onwards, without size limit.

We have bands from 0.2mm thick to 1mm.

The most common applications are the following:

  • To avoid vibration effects.
  • For moving parts of welding machines.
  • Connections between low voltage terminals of transformers and busbars.
  • Connections in ferroalloy furnaces.
  • Earth connections.
  • Assembly of fixed and mobile conductor elements.


The types of flexible connections that we produce are of two types: in band and in braid.

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