Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering


GECSA Electrical Engineering develops projects, supply the equipment and carry out the installation and start up of medium voltage circuit, according to customer needs. GECSA also provides an integral solution to any general or specific electrical problem in steel plants, foundries and electrolysis plants, which we have, extensive experience.

We have the latest tools and calculation software. Our projects are designed fully in 3D, which allows and facilitates better communication with our customers, building and assembly process more accurate.

GECSA Electrical Engineering works in both new installations and in the remodelling of facilities in operation, and support through predictive maintenance of transformers or in the resolution of operational problems and improvements. GECSA industry knowledge allows us to work with agility and adapt to the requirements of various industrial processes.

The services include the performance of projects, design, supply and installation of electrical equipment:

  • Disconnections and Earthen Switches, Vacuum Circuit-Breakers for electric arc furnace.
  • Measurement, analysis, study and mitigation of problems of power quality, harmonics and flicker.
  • Reactive power compensators for power factor correction.
  • Surge arrester.
  • Study of full electric power system of the furnace. Calculating the secondary circuit impedances electrical furnacefeed.
  • Series reactors for arc furnace.
  • Passive filters.
  • Power cells for arc furnace.
  • Electric power circuit of an electric arc furnace (turnkey project).
  • RC circuits for transient suppression and surge protection.
  • Predictive maintenance of power transformers.
  • Intelligent system for monitoring, management and control of demand.
  • Maintenance staff training.