Audit 4.0

Is your production plant ready for industry 4.0? Is it possible to ingest all the data that control equipment control? Is there enough sensor technology to capture the required data? What is the cost of adapting old equipment? Is it possible to communicate my MES system? Is my ERP accessible?

These are the questions that Audit 4.0 solves. After having conversations with the different roles of the organization, a visit is made to the plant, where experts in automation and information systems inspect each of the control equipment, its programming and its connection possibilities.

With this information, our experts make a report with the state of the plant to undertake an Industry 4.0 project, in which it is detailed for each control equipment if it is prepared for the industry 4.0, and if it is not, they detail the actions to undertake to adapt it, and the cost of them, thus achieving an adjusted budget of the investment required to start deploying the industry 4.0 within the organization.

As a result you will obtain a report on the state of your plant, breaking down equipment by equipment its level of adequacy and if necessary undertake any adaptation, modification or replacement, with the cost of the same.