Automation projects

Automation projects

Automation development

As Automation Engineering, GECSA develops, “Turnkey”, automation systems and specific equipment to each customer in order to match their specification and needs.

For those cases not involving the requirement of a full-service, GECSA can become part of the customer team to solve specific tasks:

  • Preliminary engineering and wiring diagrams – electrical schemes
  • Control system design and equipment definition
  • Manufacture of electrical cabinets
  • Field installation
  • Control Programs development (PLC)
  • Management and supervisory software development (SCADA)
  • Other software applications
  • Project management and Installations Start up


Automation equipments

In each project, according to the requirements and specifications of the customer, are integrated successfully elements such as:

  • Program Logic Controller (PLC), for logic control functions, regulation, alarms, data capture, etc (Omron, Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, Honeywell,..)
  • Plant supervisory and management computers
  • SCADA Software, for supervision and monitoring functions, plant parameters control, databases management, report generation, historical records, alarms, communications, control algorithms., etc (InTouch, iFIX, RSView, WinCC, FactoryLink, Vijeo…).
  • Equipment and communication networks:
  • Local area networks, point to point, integration in existing networks,..
  • Different media: coaxial, fibber optic, twisted pair,…
  • Temperature controllers, drivers, sensors, actuators.- Operating software for the customer needs